Audi A4 1,9 TDI 90 BHP

POWER  90 HP to 112,5 HP
TORQUE 210 NM to 262,5 NM

tuning styling  Videos of installation - world's easiest tuning

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  • Can be removed and leaves no traces
  • No removal of your vehicle's original program
  • Eliminates flat spots and sharpens throttle
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Do-It-Yourself installation
  • NOW! With free remote controller - click here
    tuning styling     tuning styling

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    Audi A4  1,9 TDI 90 BHP

    Diesel tuning for the Audi A4 1,9 TDI. The diesel tuning module attaches very easily on the original connector of the engine of the Audi A4 1,9 TDI. and increases the power significantly and at the same time it decreases the fuel consumption. The DTK Diesel Tuning Kit is an advanced digital module and gives safe diesel tuning without increase in engine wear.
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    Regular Price: £598.80

    Special price inc. shipping: £358.80


    Videos of installation - more
    tuning styling
    Detail from installation manual - more

    DTK Diesel Tuning Kit summed up

  • Simple installation - real do-it-yourself
  • Save fuel
  • Can be removed and leaves no traces
  • Comes with full manual included pictures of your vehicles engine
  • 3 year warranty

  • DTK International has an extended period allowed for cancellation. Customers can send the product back 30 days after the purchase. We are very confident of our products quality. We ship worldwide and offer secure payment facilities.

    DTK can be installed easily by yourself and is much easier than chip tuning or remapping of the ECU. If you want professional diesel performance the DTK is the best choice for your turbo diesel. Gain power and torque and also increase MPG. This is real do it yourself car tuning. The DTK offers the easiest installation available - see the tuning installation here.

    With our Diesel Tuning Kit the efficiency increases dramatically. DTK power box for diesel performance is connected between the control unit and the diesel pump, thereby optimizing fuel supply. All DTK products are equipped with original connectors, making installation very easy and quick. This is an advanced digital box that is adapted for all individual car models. No changes will be made to the engine system, and when the Diesel Tuning Kit is removed, the vehicle is returned to its original state. This is a very secure form of car tuning - and much easier than chip tuning or remapping, but gives the same result. Extra power and torque - increased MPG. The illustrated installation manual accompanies each purchase. The unit is easily installed or removed by the owner within minutes. The DTK measures 85x55x24mm.

    Additional Information

    Model Audi A4 1,9 TDI 90 BHP
    CCM 1896
    BHP original 90
    BHP with tuning 112,5 BHP. Can easily be adjusted higher by the user.
    Torque original 210
    Torque with tuning 262,5 NM. Can easily be adjusted higher by the user.
    Safe Safe and reliable trimming and tuning, since the original system is not altered - no replacement of chips or changes in the vehicle´s electronic program (remapping)
    Eco program Both ECO and performance (effect) program. From 5 to 15% improved mpg for most cars.
    Particle filter Compatible with diesel particle filter. No increase in emission.
    Remote control Can be delivered with remote control. Turn off the unit from inside the car.
    Manuals Detailed manuals and professional customer service
    Installation World's easiest installation - example pictures.
    Plug & drive All products delivered with original connectors - no lose wires. Easier than remap of Audi A4 1,9 TDI