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DTK Diesel tuning is a high quality digital tuning that installs very easy on your car and gives a dramatically increase in power and torque. This is high quality digital tuning and not a cheap analog powerbox that you can buy for nothing and can cause damage to you engine. What can we offer your car?

DTK Diesel Tuning Kit: Power, torque and fuel economy

DTK boosts your engines power, but at the same time increases torque significantly. And this is the secret to both the feeling of a “new” and stronger car and in many cases better fuel economy. The extra torque allows you to hold the gear much longer. Where you earlier had to shift down to 4th you can easily use 5th gear – and hold a lower rpm in average and save fuel. Along with the Diesel Tuning Kit you get a picture of your engine and where you should connect the diesel tuning. We only sell diesel tuning to engines we can deliver with original connectors that fit in your engine. You install the unit yourself in minutes. And if you need; you also remove it in minutes and leaves no traces the engine ever was tuned. DTK Diesel Tuning Kit also comes with wireless remote control. DTK’s reputation has grown over the years and now we sell all over the world. No extra charge for shipping. Worldwide.

  • Significant increase in motor power - Bhp and Nm
  • The tuning box is quickly mounted and detached
  • No remaining traces when the unit is removed
  • Decrease in fuel consumption
  • High quality digital product
  • Very simple to mount (See photos below)
  • 30 days money back guarantee

    More and more motorists choose to improve their diesel vehicles using diesel tuning. Our DTK Tuning Box improves efficiency and decreases fuel consumption at the same time. The vehicle acquires an efficiency curve more like a petrol-engine d vehicle, and one avoids the typical "holes" in the efficiency curve starting  at low rpm.

With our Diesel Tuning Kit, the same increase in efficiency is obtained as with chip tuning, but you are able to install the unit yourself. The Diesel Tuning Kit can be mounted and detached easily whenever desired, and there are no remaining traces when the unit has been removed.

Some feedback :

Volvo D5

Mike, I was pleased to see that you had followed up on DTK and were supplying them- hence my order for the above. I just thought I`d give you some feedback. The unit arrived very promptly (your usual service!) and took me some 20 minutes to fit and set up.As suggested I left it on factory setting (pos.4) and tried it.There was a noticeable low rev-range power improvement and smooth running through the whole rev range.After 2 days I reset the unit 2 clicks up (pos.6) and reprogrammed it as per the excellent instructions.Improvement was striking, the only way it can be described is like swapping from a 2 litre to a 3.5 litre vehicle-- that kind of smoother very torquey power delivery. The following 300 miles also showed a fuel economy gain of some 3 to 5 mpg. dependant on the type of motoring- with consistent high gains on long runs. This is definitely the best alteration I have experienced on any car, - never think a disel engine limits your ability to improve performance, this D5 now feels like a 4.2 litre Jag !         .............. best wishes,.. Ivan.

Opel 1.9 Vectra CDTi 150Hp
Recently installed DTK on a Vectra 1.9 CDTi 150. Have driven about 2000 km since and have to say that I am very pleased with the box. Installation was super easy. The contact fit perfectly and the DTK box was put in the battery case. Noticed immediately that there was more response punch with the same motor characteristics as before. Have ”fine tuned” a little afterwards and the pot meter screw is about 5-6 turns out (more diesel) compared to originally. This has primarily made the motor brisker in the upper range of the efficiency scale. It seems that the DTK box was set up a bit “cautious” originally. Have not noticed any jerking or any soot from the exhaust. Diesel consumption has actually gone down somewhat.

Opel 1.9 Signum CDTi 120Hp
Have now tried out how it worked and so far it has been top notch. Can tell you that it was a completely different car to drive. Whereas I often had to gear down from 6th to 5th, I no longer had to change gears. On a long trip I consumed an average of 0.52 l per 10 km. I could hardly wait to read the consumption when I came up on Sunday. Believe it or not, the fuel consumption was 0.47 l per 10 km. Incredible… I didn't drive slowly to conserve fuel, but drove just as I normally drive.

Mercedes CDI
Bought the box this summer. Was on my way to the mountains, the same day I picked it up at the post office. With great scepticism and a screwdriver, I installed the box. I felt the motor functioned a bit differently in the beginning, but I wasn't convinced…Thought about the guarantee you give whereby it could be returned if one is not satisfied….that's as far as I went….the box will not be returned for anything in the world. Lots of power from 0- and up to 170 km/h. The car consumes much less diesel. We (three men) drove on the Autobahn at a speed of over 200km/h and long stretches at over 170km/h cruising speed. Normally this would mean draining the diesel. But when I parked the car on Friday, the average fuel consumption averaged 5.2 l per 100 km and I have never been able to get that with this car.

Suzuki XL-7
Thanks for your quick shipment of the ”tuning box” I got today. Have installed it on my Suzuki XL7, and mounting it was relatively easy (it was a little tight filing away nicks on the contact) have of course test driven all evening and am very pleased with the box. Can be highly recommended at a reasonable price…

Nissan X-Trail 114Hp
Ordered the DTK box for my X-trail 2002-model. Quick delivery. The car has a powerful motor originally. But now it has much better pick-up at low rpm. This was worth the money. Am expecting lower fuel consumption. Incredibly easy to install on this car, 1 min.

Hyundai matrix 1.5 crdi
I have tried the dtk box on my car, I have got much more torque. It accelerates much faster than before, has much more power in the motor, it was absolutely worth the money, am super satisfied.

Mercedes E 220 CDI
It was an unbelievably positive experience!!! First of all the installation was incredibly easy!! (Was that everything???) The only problem was that the plastic cover had sort of special screws, but I had a cheap bit-set and it had the right bit. It felt like the car had got an extra turbo! It accelerated better and extended acceleration significantly farther than before. And as if that were not enough: On the way the average fuel consumption was 0.72 l per 10 km. On the way south, with the miracle box on and exactly the same car weight and (fast) speed the consumption was 0.6 l per 10 km in a significantly faster car!!

Kia Cerato
There was a contact we examined and tried to get off, but it was attached so hard and didn't look the same as the other ones. So we gave up. However, I just went out and tried to get it off again, which I finally managed to do, and then it slipped right on. Haven't test driven yet, but now I reckon it will work. Thank you for fantastic and outstanding service!

VW Caravelle
Hi and thanks for good service. 10-pole contact is installed and is working well. More pep and 0.5 dl less fuel consumption. 8-pole contact sent back yesterday.

Golf 1,9 TDI
Have now installed the box and tested the car. Am very satisfied with the result!! Was a little sceptical towards it, but it works very well!!! The car finally has some real torque!!

Fiat 2,0 JTD 2003 - camper
The tuning box works wonderfully now I am looking forward to trying it out on a longer trip.

Volvo XC90 2006
Efficiency is markedly higher, but I prefer to gear up at about 42000 rpm instead of 4500 rpm that this chip permits. Nevertheless much faster acceleration, as well as the same power with a fully loaded car as with an empty car originally!

Caravelle 2.5 TDI
To put it simply, there are various hills in my local area that will never be the same after this! Based on what I tested out this weekend, it looks like this is an efficient little rascal!

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